Hell Horde Monster Listings

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Hell Horde Monster Listings Empty Hell Horde Monster Listings

Post  Darkstorm Zero on Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:45 am

I was debating wether or not to put this up right now, given that the lists I've created are far from completed. However, many people have been given access to my lists to use the Doc Chat function, and the list provides a quick selection of monsters for fights and duels with monsters of the Horde, and has indeed performed that task on a few separate occasions already Smile

So,  here is the link for viewing the lists, which are under constant updates even as we speak. However, to access the editor and chat functions, you require a Gmail account, which you must send to me so I can add you to my editors. This will allow you to access the chat function much smoother and gives you leave to edit my lists Razz

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