The cave of "Shamilth, Eater of All"

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The cave of "Shamilth, Eater of All"

Post  Tanelia on Sat Jan 14, 2017 11:53 pm

The rumblings of the nearby spire caused the sealed cave to shift, several large rocks from the ceiling fell upon the petrified corpse of "Shamilth, Eater of All". Shamilth had fought viciously 699 years ago against his foe, believing he was victorious he devoured her dying body, taking pride that once and for all, he was silencing that dragon-slaying wench for good. But alas, the Elven bitch defeated him in her dying breath; thus he lay there and died, letting his toxic breath fill the cavern for nearly seven centuries since. The rumbling continued over the coming days, but today would be special: after 699 years, the sealed chamber began to yawn open, allowing daylight to enter its deep recesses after all this time, and for the venomous gases to filter out of the chamber.

Another larger rock fell from the ceiling, landing upon the stony bulging belly, breaking off more from Shamilth... and also revealing his petrified contents.

Laying partially within a layer of dust and stone, lay the corpse of the Elven woman who defeated Shamilth. A woman who met Scar'd when he was still a man, and came to see him off before he ascended; who was in love with both him and his vassal, Olaf Greyskull. She had left Olaf selfishly, as she harboured feelings for Scar'd, and due to this hidden betrayal could no longer stand being with either out of regret and longing. She regretted leaving Olaf behind, and could never return to him because of her own shame; living with those regrets till the very moment she died.

She lay, pristine as the day she first entered this stomach; as Elves of pure blood never decayed or mummified, even thousands of years after death. Shamilth here never got the opportunity to digest his meal, the acids which would have otherwise broken her down were repelled and neutralized by her armour somewhat, but mostly due in part to the gaping wound she had given the green scaled beast before collapsing within him.

Her eyes lay closed, as if she were only slumbering. Her fine, red hair glowed like strands of fiery embers. Her skin, still shiny was white like porcelain, her light red lips still appearing soft and plush which Olaf fondly missed aside from her company in general in the years since she abandoned him. Half of her prominent figure jutted out from the shallow slate of grey which encased her like ice does to branches upon the waters surface at winter. Her voluptuous, beautiful wide and round curves trapped behind the stony clutches:

Another few days pass, and with the cave properly ventilated, the maiden miraculously begins to stir! Her long lashes fluttered softly, her lips trembling was the second sign she was still alive. "Badarin..." she whispered softly with a dry throat, her voice harsh and gravelly to the tone. She tried to move her arms, but couldn't, her eyelids refused to open, feeling too heavy to raise. The dull glow orange of the light filtering through her eyelids is what made her struggle though, and after a personal struggle, slowly they began to peel back. Her vision was blurry, much like it had been when she had been left to Shamilth's devices... the dragon having lapped at her plush frame till he could not hold back swallowing her whole; all the while defenceless, limp and poisoned, she slid into oblivion.

She blinked a couple more times, and found she couldn't move her body, and that she was stiff. "" she called for her horse again. She had tied the poor creature to a tree nearby the cave she was dragged into, perhaps her steed could assist her. She had no idea what happened to the dragon, or why she still lived. She was irritated by the fact she could not move her limbs, to reach up and wipe away her eyes. All she could do was move her left pinky, and felt it glide against smooth rock. Slowly though, her vision returned and fell upon the ridges of the wall ahead of her. It looked grotesquely like membranous tissue, but it was solidified like rock. "Badarin...!" she called out, becoming more agitated and looking down realized she was encased in rock. "Wh-what in the divines?!" she gasped, trying to wiggle her shoulders, her large bosom jiggling slightly like gelatine as she tried to remove herself. How did I get in this situation?! Where's my horse?! she thought, continuing to whimper in agitation and struggle to remove herself from the rock.

She tried to whistle for her steed, in the hopes he would arrive.


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