Beach Grotto

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Beach Grotto

Post  Nuala Wranrona on Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:06 pm

Nuala's toes wiggled in the picturesque turquoise blue waters of the Scardian Ocean's waves which beat upon the Izula's white sandy shores. Even in this semi exposed grotto, an opening in the ceiling shined down radiant light which shined upon the dark tanned skin of the Elven woman. The beauty wallowed in its glory, her white hair bouncing as well as her well endowed chest as she sank her spear with a forceful twisting manner into the waves, spearing a fish in the process.

"Another one down," she says softly, smiling as she brought the bleeding fish up to her face, before removing its flapping, twitching form off the skewer and forked blade. She slapped it against the cave wall to stun it before slipping it into the sack with the others. She had a bountiful harvest today *bounce* her breasts bobbing excitedly from her quirky movements.

She would hunt a little more before she'd go inland, to the village, to deliver her catch to the other women and few men they had brought on this journey from Yakamoto.

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