Miki-Hiromi Yurui's Room

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Miki-Hiromi Yurui's Room

Post  Miki-Hiromi Yurui on Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:49 am

Miki-Hiromi's living room area was clean, orderly and cute. The flat like dorm was your typical rich girls suite with frill and fixtures all over the place. Upon the door to her bedroom was a card around the doorknob which displayed a cute fox like girl winking; the words above read clearly:

"Do not disturb~!"

A low moan could be heard beyond the doorway, as well as the clinking of metal springs. A low squeal, followed by an animal like purr followed behind the door. The bed pounded lightly at first, before it rocked the fish bowl outside Miki's room, disturbing her pet fish kept within; the moans becoming cries of ecstasy! A sharp howl bubbled down to a flirtatious giggle as the occupant 'climaxes' within.

"Ah... that was great! Who knew you were hiding such a... lance! Hehehe~" Giggled a girlish, yet sexy female voice. "I'm gonna take a shower now, classes start in a while!" There was movement, a door closing before the sound of rushing water.

Several minutes pass, before the doorknob turns, and out appears a voluptuous vulpine beauty! Water drips down her tanned, shapely curves, her large bosom bouncing freely and without care, pink erect nipples from her previous lust with the young man she was tutoring 'demonic biology with'. Her perfect butt swayed and jiggled, her eight beautiful red tails formed into one for convenience as she rubbed her lower back and buttocks of water. She half turned, her long reddish pink hair sparkling as her massive twins bobbed and bounced; her mischievous fangs poked over her lower lip while she smiled at the unconscious young man in her bed. "Hmhmhm~ I was too hot to handle!" She haughtily proclaims, winking at him with her right finger against her lips, blowing out a blue flame in the shape of a heart before giggling, turning away and smacked her right ass cheek with sass.

She walked inside the closet in her living room, naked, but within seconds reappeared fully clothed as if it were magic! Her lips perched into a kissing pose, applying her lip gloss while walking, looking into a hand mirror as one of her tails struck out and levitated the fish food tin and dabbed flakes into the bowl. She returned to her bedroom for a moment, then reappeared with her bag around her shoulder and her pink phone in hand.

She frowned as blue flames appeared in front of her face:


The kitsune rolled her eyes and texted back, but spoke her thoughts: "Gods Mom, you were around for the advent of the mobile phone. You don't need to flame me either. I've told you tonnes of times, I'm staying here. Besides... I'm working on that ninth tail you still haven't gotten. I beat grandmother's record by two hundred years, at this rate I'll be a nine tailed beast!" she then giggled, covering her lips, her ears erect and her eyes closed. She looked more fox than human at that moment.

"Anyway, I've got to get to class soon." she looked back at the slumbering kid who had a test on demonic physiology in another hour. "Hmhmhm, I'll let him sleep it off~" she says with a fangy grin, making her swift exit along the way.
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