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Post  Miki-Hiromi Yurui on Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:55 am

"Miki-Hiromi" walked the esteemed halls of the Cathedral dedicated to the great War Goddess Hazoria. As she was told, the cathedral was made by the supposed survivors of the Hazorian race as soon as Ithtecca had been settled in the late 2200's. In fact, this place of worship and study was as old as Miki-Hiromi herself! If not by a year or two.

She past by various portraits of head master's past, and of the devotee's under Hazoria's protection. The aim for this establishment was in the successful expelling, banishment, and or the destruction of demons who've ventured from the Demon Realm. Unfortunately, the school had been recently criticized for doing nothing for Ithtecca a few days ago, and when a spire of demonic origin randomly appeared... Mikimi did not like this negative rep, which also labeled her as just as useless to the public's eye.

She continued her way to her classes, bag in hand, and her eyes upon her pink phone, looking into the news story of a dragon attack in Beijio. Its gotta be the fifth one this year. Beijio perhaps needs a better military or at least more soldiers guarding her walls... She thought, before closing the phone and the live feed as it showed lighting striking the green scaled beast. She'd look over it later.
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