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Post  Rufus Tenik on Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:44 am

A large prison that is in the middle of the Gailden Wastelands. It lies several hundred miles north of Danton City and about the same distance west of Jemial City. It was built by President Alexander Tenik the Eleventh of his name for his political rivals and for the common enemy of the countries within Galiavan. Built entirely from the rare Adamantite ore, it is one of the most durable and expensive structure in the world.

It can house up to 10,000 prisoners who arrive from every corner of Galiavan, and was at a time used by Nora Tenik to dispose of her enemies in the year 2639. Now it is being run by the ADN and a private security firm who use the facilities as a prison for Gailden's criminals.

The high security prison is outfitted with machine-gun cameras, heavily armored and well trained wardens, and strips its occupants of basic human needs:

-There is no 'out door' recreation. In fact, there are no windows at all within the prisoner's quarters or natural sunlight. Everything is handled by a complex system which gives the occupants artificial sunlight, controlled air flow and environmental temperature control.
-Prisoners who recently arrived are not allowed to be removed of their chains till a month has past while serving their sentence, save for when they are returned to their cells.
-All prisoners are tracked and observed by three select Warden Officers, of which there are hundreds occupying the prison.

Prisoner's sent to the Adamantite Prison live out there sentence before being released, if they are. It is a prison that takes all races (save demonic or vampire), and genders. Particularly dangerous or actively threatening prisoners reside in the lower recesses of the facility, known as the 'Under-Hell'. Till their atonement, they reside in the 'Under-Hell', where they are forced into hard labor, given half rations, and less artificial light and comforts.

The ADN own the prison, but do not oversee its security protocols and ethics which lies with the security company who run the place. The ADN however, DO step in now and then to handle riots and other threats when called upon. At current, Rufus Tenik and President Uptincross are having the building investigated for its lack of humane ethics.

(may add more)

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