Lost Garden of Ravencroft Estate

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Lost Garden of Ravencroft Estate Empty Lost Garden of Ravencroft Estate

Post  Lucy Deltora on Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:50 am

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Deep in the humid island's jungle, an unkempt path leads to a rusty fence that seems to be randomly placed in the vegetation. Overgrown with vines and weeds, its very easy to miss. The double gates have fallen into disrepair and have left any who are venturous enough to cross through its threshold. Exotic plants and overgrowth are what greet those who pass the archway into the vast, heavily forested area. It seems thicker than the rest of the jungle, till a clearing caused by a stream running through what shows to have been once a grand tropical garden cuts through it.

An ornate fountain made of slate, now in ruin lies at the source. Various stone statuettes jut up from pedestals, either covered in moss or broken. All save one:

Lost Garden of Ravencroft Estate Lucy_stone_expression_scream_by_reirikamura-dchfxx3

The peculiarly posed figure is untouched by nature, save the overgrowth and vines climbing around her curvaceous form after the past ten years. Her large, terrified gaze looks out to a cave entrance, her mouth agape in an eternal gasp of surprise, or perhaps even a scream! Such a startled looking figure seems as odd as this abandoned garden left to decay in the middle of the jungle, at the base of a ridge. Somehow, over the past ten years her statue has not been at all chipped or damaged by the hurricanes or floods, having once been under the waves of the Blackmoth ocean for two years after a particularly nasty tsunami, till the water finally receded. Left, practically untouched and undiscovered like this Lost Garden. There is something... mystical about her appearance though... something that makes her just look.... so alive.
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