The Prime Minister's Office (Renovated)

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The Prime Minister's Office (Renovated) Empty The Prime Minister's Office (Renovated)

Post  Sofiya Pavlovena on Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:02 pm

The prime minister's office is on the fourth floor, with an opaque glass door with bold Cyrillic Letters stating the room beyond was that of the 'Prime Minister's Office'. Inside, the room is large and rounded. A royal blue plush carpet lines the floor. The walls are made of panelled white wood and they round out, giving the impression that the room is larger. A large bow window looks out to the snowy city of Kuleg. A spacious wooden desk faces the entry way, a large leather backed chair is behind the desk, while a single small leather seat stands before it.

The Izheveskian Flag hangs in the corner of the room, and the wall behind the desk is draped with large and heavy red and gold trimmed curtains. A holographic computer monitor protrudes from the desk as well as a holographic keyboard. It was renovated after an 'incident' involving a shape-shifter transforming into a dragon.

The Prime Minister re-enters her refurbished office. Its been weeks, but the sole remaining heir to the Izheveksian throne was out of her grasp yet. As long as the Princess remains breathing our work here, our progress will have been for nothing. The Royal Family was an outdated political romp, who will stop at nothing to oppose us. We will see the project through its completion, and will bring about a new age for Galiavan. She thought, wiping her scarred face with a towel before she took a seat behind the desk. She pulled a cigar from the box left for her on the surface of said desk, lighting it up as she contemplates her next set of actions. The ADN as it is have not responded to the Ministry taking over Izhevesk yet. Then again we are our own people, our own nation as we made that clear to them following the end of the Sephiroth Wars... Still, I think its only a matter of time till one of Tenik's little slugs comes snooping in our neck of the world. If that happens, we'll have to be sure to tighten the noose on them, to keep what we're working on here from getting out too soon. She thought, puffing on the thick cigar, arms folded under her bosom. She needed an update on agent Fong as well... she should have come back from Scardia by now...

I'll have to stop by the MIE offices and see if she's returned without my knowledge. I wonder if she found those missing agents in that Scardian Backwater... She thought, shrugging before she went about her duties as the Izhevesk Nation's Ruler.

The Prime Minister's Office (Renovated) __balalaika_black_lagoon_drawn_by_akabi_alaburu__b_by_makothesquirrel-dbwf81p
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