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Post  Locke Bright-Spear on Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:31 pm

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Locke's voice echoed as he sang an old Scardian tune to himself, waltzing between the vines and trees of the dense jungle, and using his machete to help alleviate some of the crowdedness he was receiving moving further inland. I wonder what it was like during my ancestor's time, when she was the queen. I doubt she did much adventuring by that point, save when she was taken by that one dragoness. Good thing she survived, or I'll not be here pondering such fates... He shrugged at his thoughts, and continued to venture aimlessly. He wanted to find the supposed old remains of the original manor that was on this island, the one that existed before it was renovated by that Chesluk guy. He continues on his aimless path.

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