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Byron's Apparel Outlet

Post  Bianca on Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:47 pm

Bianca walked about the mildly chilly mountain top that Ithteca was situated upon while the afternoon sun continued to set over the horizon. It wasn't a mountain apparently high enough to attract much snow, but as a world capital it did seem to attract many freaks. She had walked past several men and women of various races and devises who were all trying to peddle a trade; each in their own unique, often disturbing way. Traversing through the town, her conversation with the pilot from before dawned onto her again, the particular conversation about her own attire came into question. "Hmm...I suppose I have been wearing this get up for a while... maybe it is time for a bit of variation..." she says to herself, pausing to look down at her flapping red leather coat, thong and boots. She had been wearing the same outfit for the last eighteen years, but she didn't mind before... She looked up and as if by fate she was greeted with a sign that read: "Byron's Apparel Outlet'. She frowned, her tail flailing behind her, between the flaps of her coat. She leaned towards her right, folding her arms across and placed a hand around her elbow. "Erm...Well..." she closes her eyes and sighs, changing her posture and started towards the door. "..No time like the present. I might as well do this before I change my mind..." she adds begrudgingly and then entered the clothing store.


Bianca is met with a large two story room lined wall to wall with clothes. She had a couple of outfits back at home, but this place made her collection look like a pebble when compared to a mountain. She glides her hands across the racks of clothing filled with garments for both men and women. She was rather perplexed with her wide red feline eyes scanning the walls and racks. "I...think I remember why I don't visit these places often...too much to look through..." she says to herself with a frown. She walks up to a bench lined with boots and finds a pair of combat boots with her name on them.

She slips off her right boot, her toes curling freely before slipping them inside their new housing. "They fit." she purred. She slips it off again and then removes her other boot, abandoning older pair right upon the rack. Holding her new found boots and walking barefoot throughout the rather empty store, she soon found her way over to the discount rack for pants it seemed.

"Hmm.." she purrs, setting the boots beside the pile and scavenges through it. ", definitely no." she says as she takes random pants and leggings and throws them back into the 'bargain pond'. She then comes across a pair of short shorts. These shorts were small, but they just seemed to call out to her. Grinning, she unbuttons the single button and pulls away the strap and then pulls them between her bare legs and then up along her thighs all the way to her--

"Hmph?" her eyelids narrow into mild annoyance as she tries to pull them around her thick leather thong, but it wouldn't reach past her crotch. "Grr..." She growled.

"Hey! You have to pay for that!!" came a young bespectacled man's voice from behind the counter ahead towards her right. She looks into his direction and shakes her head with a grin and ignores him. She places her thumbs around the straps of her thong and then pulls both her thong and the shorts, pulling them off her ankles and then tossed her thong at him. The leather strapped cloth hits him in the face and the man at first struggled to figure what that was before he pulled it off and look at it with a blushed bemusement.

"Th-there are rooms for that!" he screamed.

She turned towards him, with no modesty what so ever and pulled up the shorts again. Sliding them up her long legs, then up her thighs before finally being able to pull the garment across her naked pelvis. She purrs. "Perfect fit!" She beamed, a small fang poking over her lower lip as she snapped the strap over the button and looks into a nearby mirror to view her hip hugging future purchase. The tight shorts were short enough to allow her quick leg movement, and were stylish enough for her own tastes. Her ass still bounced a little in the tight fitting shorts, but that was alright with her.

She slips her feet back into the combat boots, sliding the straps through the loops and tightened them. "Nice fit, and looking good!" she says winking at the mirror again, slipping on a pair of black fingerless gloves and then turned to the cashier. Smiling, she walks up to the boy and half sits upon the counter, her left leg taking up the counter while her left buttocks was pressed against the surface of the desk. "I would like to buy these. Pretty please?" she says with an almost sadistic grin, brushing her red leather coat aside to show him her short-shorts. She strokes her leg with her left hand before slapping her thigh with a loud smack.

The man who was beat red with embarrassment or some other emotion just shook his head and shakily replied with the price of 104 gilex which Bianca pulls from her pocket and tosses at him. "Hmhmhm, keep the change hon." she finished with a wink, waving good bye at him with her back turned to him; her head only half turned towards him with her red eyes glaring at him one last time before she was gone.

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