Teri's Happy-Go-Lucky Rumble

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Teri's Happy-Go-Lucky Rumble

Post  Col'nabel on Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:47 am

Teri The Bunny

As the camera fades in, I waved to it happily, rubbing my fat belly with the other hand. My stomach was noticeably squirming and kicking about for the audience. I'd planned to save room for the battle, but some a girlscout troupe had shown up in the audience, and I could never eat just one. As the camera focused, I spoke in my most cutesy voice. "Hi everybody! Teri The Bunny here! You may know me from my ever so popular show. But no one can stick to the same format forever without stagnating. And so I'm proud to announce the first iteration of Teri's Happy-Go-Lucky Rumble! This will a combat tournament for participants of all ages and species. How many fighters will there be? As many as want to join in! When does registration end? It doesn't! How do you win then? Be the last one standing with no competition. The moment I dub you the winner, you are. So if your thinking about waiting until there's only one person left and you can rush in fresh, you'd better time it right."

As I spoke, one of my past winners, a cute little boy with blonde hair and big eyes, walked up. I promptly sat back, using him as a seat. "Well this is definitely a rumble, but it's not so Happy-Go-Lucky, is it? That's where the fun part comes in! This game has rules. What are they? Whatever I want. There will be conditions, limitations, ring hazards, anything I feel like adding, coming and going as I please. You'll all have to stay on your toes and give it all that you've got!" The boy struggled under my fat butt, teetering around as he tried to hold me up. "The winner will receive a massive cash prize, and a special treat from me. The losers, who don't get eaten in their match, will all be my lunch instead. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up and let's get the show started!" I jump a bit as I give a cheer with the last word. This is too much, and my butt falls all the way down, the kid vanishing. Standing back up, I fart out his shirt with a frustrated sigh. "Not another one."

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