Armor Room (2nd Floor)

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Armor Room (2nd Floor)

Post  Stephen Chesluk on Sun Jun 15, 2014 9:29 pm

Upon entering from the 'East Wing Corridor & East Wing Stairwell', one has entered the personal armory of the Ravencroft Family. Delicate, almost impractical by today's standards armor hang from stands like intricate pieces of art. Some are set specifically for male bodies, while a few shinier and more polished sets of armor are obviously for female use only.

Each gleamed in a bright silver or golden gleam. Hanging upon the walls are a series of silver bladed weapons as well as steel and iron blades. A delicate single edged bladed sword hangs delicately from the ceiling on a pair of wires connected to hooks that latch upon the sword's blade. The sword has an obvious silver edge with an obsidian glass frame. The hilt had rubberized grips and a silver pommel with a garnet stone set into it's center.

There are also multiple rifles and spears that sit in racks specifically made for them, as well as a few modern day firearms that are stored away in cabinets that are protected behind glass. However, the Lord doesn't get out much these days.
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