Lonely Wood & Rhaenyxio's Cave of Misfortune

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Lonely Wood & Rhaenyxio's Cave of Misfortune

Post  Rhaenyxio Daphnais on Fri Feb 19, 2016 7:18 am

Rhaenyxio Daphnais ventured through the lonely stretch of woodland undeterred, taking her time between large limbs and thick forested undergrowth. Only a faint glow came the scepter she wielded, not that she needed it's scarlet light for guidance in this dark section of woodland. She wasn't too far from her home, a cave with many corridors and offshoots lined with candles and torches set by her magic. She had resided there since she made the 'big move' from her last residence of choice nearly 400 years ago. She had to, for it wasn't good practice to simply devour one's neighbors and stay for the long haul; even if THEY were the ones who tried to kill her first. She could move back to that region now, but she had grown accustomed to this hovel turned personal palace. It had a primal charm that tickled her fancy well, and it was cavernous and winding, which made it fun to watch as hapless passers by get lost and wither away inside her crypt.

She slithered up a large tree, as around here, the tree tops shielded the sun and the darkness made sight hunting difficult, even one so damned by demonic powers herself. It also gave her an advantage and to literally get the drop on prey and enemies from above. She pierced the canopy of the Lonely Wood, and looked out across the Amain woodland. She could sense immense demonic activity at various points, but was unable to see anything but the bright light to the North; where the old Tenik Incorporated Head Quarters lie. She raised a brow at this. How could such an immense power be able to resonate from the 'backwoods' demons from this land? She herself did not think this was possible, but on the other hand, she herself was a unique exception.
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