Overview: Tifa's Manor

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Overview: Tifa's Manor

Post  Tifa Lockheart on Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:53 am

A lavish, mountain side manor with a typical Beijionese design. Formerly the Imperial Guest Home for any foreign dignitaries visiting Beijio for a prolonged period, the Manor was granted full ownership to World Champion Tifa Lockheart in the year 2642 by Emperor Sigara. She was given the deed to the manor for her honourable deeds accomplished during the Final Raid and Sephiroth Wars which included defending the Empire as well as safeguarding the Princess Sango Beijiosaki now Empress Sango Sigara.

The Manor as stated, is situated around the base of the Imperial Mountain which the Imperial Palace lies upon. A waterfall cascades down this side of the mountain, and many Sakura Trees are grown around the property. The property has five buildings of interest: The Bath House, The Dojo, The Servants Quarters (turned into storage shed), The Shrine and The Manor itself; all of which overlooks Beijio City in the distance below.

Exterior features include a small shrine set up in Shane Highsworth's honour which is set very close to the Manor itself. There is also an observation deck which allows for a great view of the landscape:

On the other side of the Manor, there is a small picnic area with a picnic table and an outdoor stove/fireplace is set up:

The Dojo
The Building to the Left

Left of the Bath House and the observation deck, stands the large hallow building of the Manor's Dojo. For the Beijionese, no Manor is complete without one. Large pane windows point out to the city below, with a spectacular view of the city scape. The place to train and hone one's martial arts, Tifa has kept the Dojo up and uses it daily when she is on prolonged stays in Beijio.


The Servant's Quarters (Storage and Trophy Room)

Behind the Dojo, lies what used to be the Servant's Quarters for the Manor. Large enough to be a modest middle income home, it housed the grounds servants and those who worked at the Manor. When Tifa was deeded the estate, she dismissed all the live in servants as she preferred the quiet and the alone time. With the large building empty, she decided to turn it into a storage area and a trophy room, having all her championship belts and other trophies put on display on the first floor area behind glass display cases.


The Bath House

The Bath House is located to the right of the Dojo which is handy after a rigorous day of arduous physical training. The room is at a constant 30°C, with a heated pool of water one can fully submerge themselves in and swim around in if one wishes too. Easily able to occupy more than one individual at a time, at least seven or so individuals could bathe in the comfortable bath temperature waters. There is also a small shower area and a dressing area within the building.

The Shrine
The building at the centre

At the centre of the property, there is an old stone enclosure used as a small picnic or meditation area as well as a shrine to all 12 of the recorded War Gods and Goddesses. It is a place where one can sit down and listen to the peaceful roar of the waterfall as one prays and or reflects upon their inner most selves. Tifa has maintained the shrine, and comes here to meditate when she is on the property for extended periods of time.

The Manor

The Manor itself is made of an insulated structure that is made of Iron Oak imported from Scardia, which is noted for its sturdy and solid construction. It is the largest building on the property and has two floors, with the second floor being the Master Bedroom. In the manor's interior are at least two guest bedrooms, a functioning modern bathroom and shower in each, a dining area, a library, a kitchen, and a basic living room quarters. Tifa has often found the lavish home too 'empty' and thus only stays here when she's on extended stays in Beijio City or she simply shacks with the Garamonde's for a few days. Don't take it wrong, Tifa does find the Manor absolutely breath taking, comfortable and a joy to live in; but it is a lonely and desolate place. She has had guests reside at the Manor at times when she is either there or away, as company is sometimes welcome on this beautiful mountain side.


Master Bedroom:


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