The Orland Dropship (mobile)

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The Orland Dropship (mobile)

Post  Freyja Orland on Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:42 pm

The bulky cargolike space ship drifted above the planet of Galiavan, the Captain of the dropship was one Freyja Orland; a native of a planet many light years away. Freyja looked out through the window and grinned softly. She turned to her first mate, a rather untalkative fellow simply referred to as Vernon. She closed her eyes and chuckled to herself before swiveling back to face the planet. She reopened her eyes and slipped her right hand into the controls for the ship. She quickly glanced to her sword which hung in it's scabbard above the escape pod, and then went back to the controls. "Prepare for the landing Vernon. Make sure the cargo is all accounted for and safe." she said simply before giving the ship a slight jerk.

The cargo in the back shifted slightly, and Vernon disapeared in the rear hold. Freyja so badly wanted a smoke of her pipe, or a swig of sake right now...but with the pipe an impossibility due to the oxigen in the ship would likely burst into an infernal explosion with the single ignition of a flame-and with her sake bottle no where in sight (likely somewhere in the rear hold of the ship), she instead took her next favorite thing:

She reached over to the bag beside her seat, and pulled out three pixie stix. Her rainbow like eyes gleamed and her grin deepened as she tears the strawlike structures ends off spitting the paper in her mouth into the nearest wastebin. She then leans back her head and opens her mouth-pouring all three pixie's stash of granular sugar into the orifice that was between her pale red lips. She let the multi-colored sugars settle in her mouth before she closed her eyes in extescy of the sweets disolving under her tongue. After a few moments she swallows the sweet concoction which had pooled; the mounds-now a gritty fluid slipped down her throat in a single gulp. Freyja's eyes opened, and she smiled an almost dopey yet true to earth smile. She looked into a mirror, and childishly stuck her tongue out at it-noticing her red tongue was now a deep purple. She giggled, and then went back to controlling the ship's descent into the Galiavan atmosphere.

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