Teri's Donketsu Challenge

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Teri's Donketsu Challenge

Post  Col'nabel on Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:11 am

Teri The Bunny

As the camera crackles in, I can be seen bent over, playfully patting my fat butt at it. "Hi everybody! It's time for another of Teri's special games. This is a Donketsu challenge. You might know it better as Butt Sumo, Butt Battle, or lots of other names. It's a semi-classic pool game, where you have to use your rear end to knock the opponent into the water." As I said this, a cute little animation of two humans playing appears, one knocking the other into the water with her butt. "See? The rules are super simple, and I've had enough tournaments and watching you play, I want to play this time. So it's going to be a gauntlet. Everyone of you has to fight me in a marathon battle, and whoever manages to knock me off the floaty island wins!" I failed to mention that the fate of those who lost to me would be quite a bit less pleasant then being knocked into the water however, not to mention the fact that my enormously fat butt would be almost impossible to beat. With that I jumped onto the floaty island at the center of the large pool, playfully shaking my rear at the gathered contestants. "Ok first one into the pool!" I called out in my cute voice.

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