Inari Shrine

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Inari Shrine

Post  Hikaru Izanagi on Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:15 am

A tangled ivy and moss covered shrine that is located on the edge of the forest; a high rocky cliff that looks out across the ocean is a short walk away. The statue of a beautiful fox-like woman is within the shrine.


Hikaru sits upon a rocky outcrop, looking out to the sea that rolled and crashed against the rocky wall that spanned probably 50 meters above the sea. He struck a match against his sandal's heel, and lit his kiseru, inhaling before exhaling a small plume of smoke. While he puffed on it, the rings of smoke he exhaled would occasionally shape themselves into foxes that chased each other before they faded above his head. His pale red eyes glanced out to the horizon, checking out the outer edge of the Gailden Continent, which would mean that the hazy stretch of land was unsurprisingly Beijio. The kitsune's tails swayed as he continued to stare off into the distance, lost in thought. He would have to eventually go into Higurama Village and take a barge to Beijio in the coming hours, but right now he just let the cool ocean breeze and the warm afternoon sun keep his company. Little money was made here in Ryunoshi, not that it was a thriving island like Hiiten or Cryin Islands. It was, however, a peaceful and almost 'zen' like island out of the lot of them. Temperate due to it's location, it was a unique island out of the archipelago that was the Beijio-Scardia Islands and it's six major islands.

Hikaru didn't like the idea of going to Beijio; there were too many people and it was a bit unorderly as of recent so he had last read in a foreign paper. He also didn't like the idea of Momo being exposed to such an environment for too long. Too many eyes, and possibilities... to say he was paranoid would be quite an understatement, but in a city like Beijio, he couldn't keep his eyes on Momo who was naturally curious.

"I guess it can't be helped. There's more pay where there's more people...and we can't eat well without any cash... Beijio is closer than Breland from this location. It would only take a couple hours to take the barge to Beijio too. Besides... Momo can't stand standing still in one place for too long... heh, then again, neither do I." he says to himself, smiling a little at the end of that.

Speaking of his sister, he wondered if he should give her a little more time to prepare for the trip. It wasn't like they had much to pack...per say, but Momo was running around the woods while Hikaru had gone up here to pay his respects to the shrine before they would leave. He closed his eyes for a moment and breathed a small but content sigh. He dabbed the tobacco out from his pipe and packed it away in his sidepack before he stood up and patted himself off. "Well, I guess it's time to get ready to leave..." he says turning towards the overgrown shrine where a long bladed katana in it's black lacquered sheath stood against. He grabbed the weapon, which he dubbed Nichia-go, and slipped it into his obi. He looks down at the worn golden wrapped hilt and hoped he wouldn't have to use his partner anytime soon; but if it came to such, he'd be ready to utilize her efficiently and swiftly, if only to protect Momo or himself. He blinks, looking up and into the darkness of the Bamboo woods and began his journey to look for his imouto-Chan.
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