Deputy Commander Beatrice Kushan's Office

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Deputy Commander Beatrice Kushan's Office

Post  Beatrice Kushan on Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:45 am

An office, belonging to only one of many Deputy Commanders appointed by the Commander Agusta Salazar. This one belongs to Beatrice Kushan, a rather beautiful woman who's lustful and erotic body is often off put by her strange tendencies and bizarre behaviour. It is a medium sized room with red silk wallpaper and oak panels that scale only half of the lower portions of the walls. Bookshelves and glass cases line the walls, as well as portraits, decorations and plaques. A large ebony wooden desk with a high gloss top faces those who enter the room. A highbacked leather chair stands behind the desk, and two smaller leather chairs stand before it. A portrait of Beatrice herself stands on the wall behind the high-backed leather chair.

Beatrice leaned back on her reclining high backed leather chair, propping her long and otherwise sensual legs upon the surface of the desk, her arms propped back behind her head as she yawns and smiles behind her closed eyes. "This is great." she says with some pride. The nation was finally theirs. No more Council to back their useless and limiting rules, and the ghost of her commanding father was fading in her memory with the passing days since the Commandante almost single handedly destroyed the Council of Magi. These past four days, the Feniran Capitol and it's people belonged to them. It was time to turn the old ways of the ignorant past on its head.

"My Commander, I salute thee." she says absently to the air, giggling behind her wave of victorious air that seemed to loom around the halls of the Gilded Tree Head Quarters.
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