The Great Stone Entrance

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The Great Stone Entrance

Post  Bastet on Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:45 pm

Bastet wrote:
Wargod Stratus wrote:As the goddess was complaining about her life and the struggles that entail a relationship with Stratus the sound a cold breeze cold be heard echoing through the halls of the Alabaster Palace. The cold chill slammed against the warmth of the palace that the goddess may have been enjoying. A moment a later a small frost sprite took form in front of the goddess. The frost sprite bowed humbly to the goddess before saying in a very small squeaky voice, "Sir Frosty also known as Wargod Stratus hereby withdraws any claim to having put you as guardian of this palace. -cough as frost sprite clears throat and then speaks freely- You know...i think this means he is renigging the fact that he put you here. Just saying."

The frost sprite bowed humbly once again and then disappeared through a cold wind exiting the palace.

Bastet blinked. "Wait... what's that supposed to mean!?" she called out after the Sprite. She looked around and could feel the walls shaking and a noise in the distance rattled as if large gates had been drawn back. Not wasting any time, Bastet advanced towards the entrance of the palace.

Bastet soon approached the double doors that lead out to the entrance way of her self-imposed tomb. She pushes past the doubled doors and walks down a long stretch of steps made of chiseled sand stone and with railings made from carved pewter. She would eventually hit the sandy stone floor and before her in the darkness would be the large stone door that barred her entry into the world outside. She raised her right hand, her eyes glowing red as she chants: "Ignis lietius magnolius spectrum." her voice sounded doubled as she spoke these words, her red eyes glowing a light pink as she spoke. The walls in this darkened area lit up immensely, and their light shined down upon the 70 foot tall door way made of pure granite. On the granite was chiseled inscriptions, stories of Bastet's Pillars and rise to the place among the War Gods. She looked at this blankly. The last time she was here was probably a century or two ago. During that time... she had been lost. She was sure she had been mentally defeated guarding the precious stone.

Bast closed her eyes. "That's enough. That was the me whom almost gave up on my mission... my resolve does not falter." she says flashing her eyes open. Her garnet eyes looked fierce as a lionesses as she brings forth her right hand and presses it upon the chiseled yet smooth surface of the granite double doors.

A circle of light blinked then faded under her palm, and the tall heavy doors began to shake. As they opened, a pathway of light nearly blinded Bastet, whom covered her eyes with her arm, shielding her from the bright path that had opened into the daylight ahead of her. She slowly removes her arm, wincing. It was the tunnel she had not last seen since she interred herself into this Asylum.

"This...this is..." she started, taking a few steps out, when she noticed that the walls lining the cave were icy, a perfmafrost dust that was skittering in the air like little diamonds dancing in the wind. She blinked then her eyebrows furrowed and her face contorted into rage: "..this is THAT FROZEN BUFFOON'S FAULT!" she finished, her power resonating around her body, causing the diamond dust to disperse and fly away and out of the tunnel. All this time, she had believed that the doors were left open, that this was all a test. But it did not appear this way. No, the doors were sealed with at least 200 yards of Stratus's Galaycian ice! She wouldn't have been able to leave even if she wanted to abandon the rock! She was that Frosty Ass's prisoner all this time!

"What was the point then... was there a point at all?!" she exclaimed, gripping her clawed fingers against the flesh of her palms, causing them to sink through the flesh. "That bastard... what gives him the right..." she shook violently, her sharp fangs were clenched tight.

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